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Every cell in the body has an age! The human body is subject to severe wear and tear effects due to metabolic activities. When the body begins to age, undergo stress and tackle free radical damage, the rate at which it degrades increases. This is when Autophagy becomes useful.

By definition, autophagy is a way of removing dead, damaged cells from the human body. During this process, senescent cells are also cleared. This is because senescent cells linger around organs and tissues without any functional benefits. It is important to get rid of both damaged, dead and senescent cells to reduce the risks of inflammation and other diseases in the body.

The term “Autophagy” was discovered nearly 40 years ago. It has a Greek origin, and the word translates to “self-eating”. Modern science believes that autophagy has many benefits for the immune system, nervous system and the heart. In fact, it is capable of promoting longevity. This is why many people are advised to induce autophagy on a regular basis.

Overview of Autophagy

First things first, autophagy is nothing by the consumption of the body’s cells and tissues during metabolic activities. This happens due to certain diseases and as a result of starvation. This is a survival technique the body induces on itself. Also, autophagy is a remedy the body uses to handle extreme stress. With the help of autophagy, the body can protect itself.

There are mix opinions on whether autophagy is healthy for the body or not. Most researchers claim that this process is extremely healthy for the body. The term “self-eating” might sound scary, however, this is the body’s natural way of renewing itself. This is a key strategy used by the body to prevent deadly diseases like diabetes, liver disorder and even cancer.

Apart from battling against diseases, autophagy is an effective anti-ageing solution. When damaged and dead cells are destroyed from the body, the rate at which you age will reduce.

Stages of Autophagy

There are several stages in autophagy. The processes happen gradually, but it is occurring all the time in the body. Initially, lysosomes are triggered. These are cells that can get rid of huge, damage structures. The lysosomes initiate autophagy by destroying the mitochondria in the cells. Next, the damaged parts are rejuvenated or used to produce fuel. To summarize the entire process:

The damaged parts are prepared to carry lysosome.

The damaged parts are then deconstructed.

Finally, the damaged parts are spit together and reused.

Doesn’t the entire process sound simple? These steps are happening all the time within our body! This is a never-ending cycle. However, age, lifestyle and health determines the rate at which autophagy happens.

Benefits of Autophagy

Autophagy is known for its abundant benefits. Here is a quick walk through some of the most prominent ones:

Autophagy is a powerful procedure that provides every cell in the body with more energy. The cells are also converted into building blocks for a healthier body.

Damaged aggregates, proteins and organelles are recycled during the process.

The Mitochondria is regulated, and ensures that energy is produced from it. Oxidative stress can destroy the overall functionality of the mitochondria. With the help of autophagy, you can reverse this condition.

Peroxisomes and endoplasmic reticulum should be cleared from the body. With age, the clearing activity doesn’t happen promptly. This is when autophagy becomes useful.

The nervous system is completely protected by this process. All nerve cells are nurtured, and the growth of the brain is ensured. Some claim that autophagy is capable of boosting the overall structure of the brain and also improving cognitive qualities.

Those who wish to prevent heart disorders, and want to support the production of healthy heart cells will find autophagy useful.

As mentioned previously, the overall immune system of the body is made perfect. Unnecessary pathogens are eradicated. Additionally, toxic proteins that cause a variety of amyloid diseases are destroyed.

The overall stability of your DNA is protected.

Common damages caused to organs and healthy tissues is prevented.

Severe health conditions like neurodegeneration and cancer can be avoided in the long run!

Autophagy is not a standalone procedure. Instead, it can be categorized as macroautophagy, chaperone and microautophagy.

Conquering Autophagy the Right Way

Autophagy can be conquered in many ways. Cleansing the body and getting rid of inflammation is much simpler than what we could imagine. Most of the autophagy becomes essential when you are going through serious stress. By following this procedure, you can make your body think it is in a calm and composed situation.

#1 Consume a less carb and a high-fat diet

Fats, carbs and proteins are three different types of nutrients. The body needs a good amount of fat. On the other hand, protein and carbs are converted into sugar. Fat doesn’t undergo this conversion. This is why fat plays a vital role in autophagy. A diet rich in fat and low in carbs supports weight loss and can make you feel brighter.

#2 Manage your Proteins

It is important to limit the amount of protein you consume. The body needs a lot of time to recycle. Sometimes, you should give it a break. Try to get rid of proteins for at least two days a week. This is a special kind of fasting!

When you fast, the body has to consume toxins and proteins to release energy. Protein fast is one of the quickest ways to witness the benefits of autophagy.

#3 Intermittent Fasting

The body’s autophagy properties will improve when you try to skip a few meals in a day. This could be any meal, breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Intermittent fasting is a powerful way of helping the body catch and destroys toxins.

Technically, the body needs more than 20 hours to remove toxins. And, when you engage in intermittent fasting the process becomes simpler.

Fasting should be done with care. Most women are highly sensitive to their food patterns. This means improper fasting techniques will cause hormonal imbalance and increase the problems of starvation.


If you wish to experience the benefits of autophagy, intermittent fasting is a great tool! Use it wisely, and you will be able to witness a rejuvenated body.

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