Cilantro-Lime Pineapple Smoothie | Breakfast

When you think cilantro, you may think of salsa, but this smoothie is anything but. This

zesty herb adds a tantalizing freshness that tickles your taste buds while purifying your

body. Cilantro has been used to cleanse the blood of heavy metals like mercury and lead.

You can feel great unwinding with this smoothie because it fills you up with healthy fats and

fibre while taking a bit of toxic weight off of your shoulders.


Fresh pineapple chunks - 2 cups

Large collard green leaf - 1 each

Small avocado, pitted - 1 each

Loosely packed cilantro leaves - 3/4 cup

Water - 1/3 cup

Freshly squeezed lime juice - 2 tablespoons

Ice - 1 cup OR filtered water - 1/2 cup

Garnish: Fresh pineapple chunks


Place all of the ingredients, except the garnish in a high powered blender. Start on low, and then increase the speed to high. Blend until smooth.

Place a few pineapple chunks onto 2 toothpicks. Garnish each glass with the pineapple chunks and serve.

Serves 2

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